November 20, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Mike Huckabee

huckabeeI feel like we haven't heard much lately from Christian extremist and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. I expect he will probably run for president in 2012, so he is someone we should continue to follow. Fortunately, he has decided to make an idiot of himself yet again. Moreover, he has done so in precisely the sort of way that reminds us why it is so important to keep him out of office.

In a radio interview with Steve Deace (audio here), the Huckster explained how we should handle those pesky "activist judges" (i.e., any judge with whom we disagree). He had the following to say about how a president should handle court rulings with which he or she disagrees:
A president has certainly got to respect a ruling of a court, but if a ruling of the court is wrong, and you have two branches of government that determine that it’s wrong, then those other two branches superceede the one...The two branches of government, legislative and executive have every right to make it clear to the Supreme Court that their interpretation is wrong. And whether they do it by constitutional amendment or by passage of further amplification of law. There are many means to do that (see Think Progress).
We should note that the Huckster sounds dangerously ignorant about the separation of powers in the Constitution. The judicial branch is part of the system of checks and balances our founders devised. Why does the Huckster hate America?

But it is equally important to remember that this issue came up because he supports the recent removal of three Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Following Huckabee's logic, we never would have had Civil Rights legislation because it was initially unpopular.

This is the sort of idiocy that should disqualify an individual from serious consideration for the presidency, but this perspective is hardly Huckabee's invention. There are plenty on the right who share it, including Gingrich.

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