October 21, 2010

We Should All Support Atheist Organizations

American AtheistsBlair Scott (American Atheists) recently posted an excellent reminder of why it is so important for atheists to join at least one of the fine atheist organizations that works to protect church state separation and advance atheist civil rights. He described the refusal of a city council in King County, NC to remove a Christian flag from a veteran's memorial. It did not bother the council one bit that displaying this flag was unconstitutional. It was only when they realized that it would cost them $300,000 to fight it in court that they backed down.

As Blair said, it is a shame that we do not have any sort of Constitution police to enforce the provisions of a document about which we all claim to care so deeply. And this is precisely why we should all support at least one atheist organization of our choice - this has become the role they serve.

The real story here is not that evil atheists are changing things for the worse in North Carolina but that American Christians sometimes act as if they are above the law and need to be reined in. It is not practical for each of us to do this on our own. We need well funded atheist organizations who can serve this role.

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