October 29, 2010

A Test of Adgitize for Blog Advertising

As I mentioned recently, I've been doing some experimenting with blog advertising. I thought some of you with your own blogs might be interested to hear about my experience with some of the services I've tried. I'll start with Adgitize.

Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize is actually fairly similar to Entrecard in that they encourage users to click on other blog ads. The main difference is that while Entrecard rewards you with credits, Adgitize rewards you with money. At least, that is the pitch.

They will give you $.02-.03 a day just for running their ad widget on your blog, and you can earn more by clicking on lots of other blogs' ads daily. Of course, you'll quickly find that your time is way more valuable than what they pay you to click ads.

Adgitize also allows users to buy monthly 125x125 ads which will appear on blogs across their network for $14. It sounds pretty good in that your $14 buys you ad impressions on every blog that runs their widgets. This is what I evaluated and what I want to tell you about.


I ran two month-long paid ads with Adgitize, one for each of two blogs ($14 per blog). I closely monitored the traffic I received using Google Analytics. To make sure I was getting the most accurate measure of traffic, I set each of the Adgitize ads to go to a designated landing page on each blog and then set up goals in Google Analytics to track the performance of each landing page. This allowed me to be fairly confident that the traffic I was seeing was due to Adgitize and not another source.


The average daily visits to the landing page for each blog attributable to the Adgitize ads 40 for Blog 1 and 60 for Blog 2.


My experience with Adgitize suggests that their paid ads are not even remotely worthwhile. My $14/month brought me approximately 50 additional visitors/day. Based on this return, I cannot recommend buying ads on Adgitize, even for low traffic blogs.

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