October 9, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'DonnellSo here I am perusing the overwhelming number of RSS feeds of many excellent atheist blogs to which I subscribe and not even thinking I'd write an idiot post today. I ran across a recent post by Austin Cline about the media's favorite idiot of the moment, Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell. Just when I think this Christian extremist can't top herself, she manages to do so. Idiot of the Week honors go to Christine O'Donnell for claiming that school shootings are caused by a lack of school prayer.

I realize I'm cheating a bit with this one because the statements O'Donnell go back to 1998. But I'm just hearing about them now, so what the hell.

From Raw Story:
"We took the Bible and prayer out of public schools, and now we're having weekly shootings practically," O'Donnell, then a Christian activist, said in August 1998 during an appearance on ABC's "Politically Incorrect."

She didn't cite any sources and defended her statement when host Bill Maher and other guests scoffed. She prefaced: "My point is there are consequences to our actions, and if we as a nation tolerate sin, generations to come will reap the effects."
Weekly shootings? Really? I wonder why the media ignored virtually all of them. And never mind the fact that those who study violence in schools have documented all sorts of real-world factors which contribute to this particular problem. It has to be prayer.

This is precisely the same Christianspeak nonsense we see again and again. She wants prayer in school, and therefore, so does her god. And because she wants it, she's going to say anything to get it. I really hope residents of Delaware turn out in record numbers and send O'Donnell packing. She's Bachmann crazy, maybe even worse.

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