October 7, 2010

I'm an Atheist, and I Vote Too

Secular Values VoterI have to drive past a billboard for the American Family Association, a prominent Christian extremist group, every day as I go to and from work. It shows a large button that says "I vote" next to the slogan "Remember in November" and prominently features the URL to the group's website: www.afa.net. I bet some of you have seen these too.

As disappointed as I am with Congressional Democrats and particularly with the blue dog Democrat who currently represents the district in which I reside, this billboard strengthens my resolve to vote. I need to do my part to keep even worse politicians from being elected. I often lose sight of this, but I am reminded every time I pass that billboard.

The billboard also reminds me that we atheists are doing ourselves a great disservice by not investing more time and energy in politics. With our numbers, we could be a potent force for the goals on which the vast majority of us could probably agree:
  • Protecting separation of church and state
  • Promoting quality, reality-based public education
  • Advancing atheist civil rights and educating the public about atheism

I know there are obstacles, but I'm tired of hearing about cat herding. Yes, there are a great many things on which atheists will disagree. But I have to believe that we could come up with a list of 5-10 objectives on which 95% of us could agree. Then we'd have a platform and a place to start.

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