September 5, 2010

When Hate Fails

I was intently reading a recent post at Friendly Atheist about how atheist students at Penn State responded to a recent visit by assorted campus preachers. As I have said previously, I think that public idiocy should be met with public mockery, and so I always love to hear about it happening. The Penn State Atheist Agnostic Association handled this situation beautifully and should be commended for their tactics.

But one line in Hemant's post really clicked for me.
They [the campus preachers] just came to preach the hate and then acted shocked when they realized it wasn’t working:
That is such a perfect description. They came to preach hate, and it did not work. I like to think that the atheists who were so effectively countering their message gave others a space to reject the preachers' message without feeling guilty about doing so.

Once again we see how effective mockery can be when used strategically to counter hatred and bigotry.