September 12, 2010

Obama Says He "Relies Heavily" on Christian Faith

Obama nopeDuring a question-and-answer session with media on Friday, President Obama said the following after praising how former President George W. Bush distinguished between Muslims and terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11:
We are one nation under God. We may call that God different names, but we are one nation.
This was a surprising error from someone who should know better. The United States is a secular nation. Our Constitution makes that quite clear. I suspect Obama is fully aware of this and was simply pandering. After all, he has previously mentioned non-believers, almost as if he regards us as equally American.

I wish I could say that this was the most disturbing statement in the whole exchange, but that was not the case. I was in my car listening to this on NPR at the time, and I nearly ran off the road when I heard this:
As someone who relies heavily on my Christian faith in my job, I understand the passions that religious faith can make.
Did our president just say that he "relies heavily" on his Christian faith in performing the duties of his job as our President? Yep. If that is true, it strikes me as a fairly serious problem. That he is religious at all is bad enough, but now it sounds like he is either unable or unwilling to prevent it from influencing the manner in which he does his job.