Idiot of the Week: Pope Benedict XVI

nazi pope

I admit that I have not been following the coverage of Nazi Pope's visit to the UK very closely. I am aware that their have been protests and that the Vatican has actually claimed being surprised by this. I am also aware that many British tax payers are not exactly thrilled with having to pay for the Pope's visit, and I would feel exactly the same way if I were in their shoes. I suppose this is one of those rare situations when I catch myself avoiding something because I know that facing it will make me extremely mad and there is little I can do about it. Pretty poor excuse, isn't it? Well, I figured the least I can do was "honor" the Pope as our Idiot of the Week.

There are so many reasons why the Pope deserves Idiot of the Week that this would be an incredibly long post if I tried to list them all. Instead, I'll just pick the one that everyone has been talking about (except the Vatican). Pope Benedict XVI heads a criminal conspiracy that has intentionally shielded countless pedophile priests from prosecution around the world, enabling child rape on a massive scale. And of course, he has claimed immunity for the entire debacle.

As far as I'm concerned, this is more than sufficient for Idiot of the Week recognition. But if you disagree, there is always the African genocide. As I am sure you are aware, Catholic doctrine has continued to oppose contraception in Africa, even as the death toll from HIV/AIDS rises.

The only question I have about the Pope's suitability for this award is whether it goes far enough. Calling the Pope an idiot is a bit like saying that Dick Cheney could have done a better job leading the U.S. for 8 years. The Pope and what he represents goes so far beyond idiocy - or any other description I can think of - that it just doesn't do him justice. He represents a most vile cesspool of human depravity, one that manages to extend the Dark Ages into our modern era, degrading all it touches.

It is time for each and every Catholic to disown this man and all for which he stands. Even if they are not ready to set aside religion itself, they must realize that a portion of every dollar they put in the collection plate enables this depravity to continue.