August 7, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Jim Garlow

Bigotry over time
While those of us who believe that equality it an important American value were celebrating the district court ruling against Proposition 8, the forces of Christian extremism were spewing all manner of idiocy. This week's idiot is California pastor Jim Garlow, one of the organizers of the - Yes on 8 campaign. Here is Garlow's analysis of the recent ruling in which Proposition 8 was determined to be unconstitutional:
The next court case could conceivably say that if three people wanted to marry or four people or five people or if someone wanted to marry their dog or their horse, they have a right to that because no longer do we have a right to ‘discriminate' based on equal protection.
Bringing up bestiality may indeed make Rick Santorum proud, but this line of argument is pure idiocy.

H/T to Liberaland
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