August 27, 2010

I Get Christian Email

emailI wasn't planning to post today. Work has been unexpectedly busy, and I have a number of deadlines approaching quickly, one of which is later today. But I received an important email from someone calling herself Serena that I need to share with you. I know it is important because the title was "IMPORTANT." Naturally, that caught my eye.

I have reproduced the email below verbatim:
God is the best thing that has happend to me. If you do not belive in him, you WILL be eternally damned. This website is NOT acceptable. HE created you to love and live for Him. Not for this world. Everything He created is holy, and everything created from this world is sin. Please, i will pray for you. Do not live like this any longer. Jesus wants you to want him. You may enjoy this life, but it is only temporary. God WILL punish you if you do not belive and love him unconditionally. please, i am begging of you. take some time to read his Word for you will be eternally blessed if you love him. God forgives anyone, no matter how bad they sin. I am a sinner, you are a sinner, everyone is a sinner, but if we trust in Lord Jesus Christ, we will all be eternally blessed in His name. I am urging yo! u. Anyone can become a Christian. I am a freaking 14 year old girl. I will pray for you. Please remove this website. It is unholy and a slap in the face to God, the one who created you.
Jesus wants me to want him. That reminds me of a Cheap Trick song.

Something tells me that the person who sent this email might not be back to the blog, but I may be wrong. In case she does return, I'd like her to know that I've read the Christian bible and that I too was a Christian at the age of 14. Fortunately, I outgrew it in much the same way I outgrew Santa Claus. It just took me a bit longer.