August 3, 2010

CNN Features Battle of the Idiots

I really enjoyed the following clip from CNN. Man, they really have become an embarrassing self-parody by airing this sort of garbage! I never would have guessed that anyone could make the guy planning to burn Qurans on 9/11 seem almost rational, but CNN's Rick Sanchez managed to do just that. I have not spent enough time watching him to realize what a colossal moron he is, and I must admit that I'm impressed.

This Christian church in Florida has the right to burn whatever they want as long as it is theirs to burn. Let them burn the Quran. It is just a book. And let Muslims burn the Christian bible if they want. It too is just a book.

Assuming that Rick Sanchez is interested in not sounding like such a moron in the future, here are some points from the video he should review:
  • It doesn't matter how many Muslims there are in the world. This is not relevant to this argument at all. Numbers do not bring with them a right not to be offended.
  • The Quran is not sacred; it is a book. The Christian bible is not sacred; it is a book. Burning a book one owns is about as far from burning someone else's house as possible.
  • This church is burning the Quran to make a statement. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?
  • Islam is a violent religion. How is this even in dispute. Christianity is also a violent religion.
  • Why do we defend oppression, Rick? That was a good question, and you dodged it completely.
  • How does this guy "do Christians a disservice" in any way? He is saying what many of them believe.

Yeah, I get it. This Florida pastor is more than a little cooky if he thinks his preferred religion is superior to the other guy's. I'm not defending anything about what he believes. However, I will certainly defend his right to burn any "holy" book he chooses. If Rick has such a problem with what he's doing, maybe he shouldn't have given him a national platform.

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