July 31, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Iowa Republican Party

Iowa Republican PartyIdiocy on the part of the Tea Party movement is nothing new. We have seen plenty of it, and we are sure to be treated to more as the 2010 midterm elections near. But just when I think I'm starting to habituate to it, something like this comes along.

A new effort by the Iowa Republican Party to revoke President Obama's citizenship is underway. They want to revive an unratified 13th Amendment because they think it would strip Obama of his citizenship for winning a Nobel Prize.

Because we do not already have enough colorful terms to describe these morons, some are now referring to them as "Thirteenthers."

Note. I encourage any of you who insist that the Tea Party has nothing to do with Christian extremism to spend some time at ReligiousRightWatch.

H/T to CaroLINES

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