July 22, 2010

Europe Did Not Become Secular Overnight

chp_w_europe.jpgWhile reading an encouraging post about how Australia is following the lead of many other Western nations in leading faith behind at Rationalists's Blog* (update: blog no longer active), I found myself wondering when the U.S. might join the march of progress. We continue to trail the pack by a large margin, so much so that we are widely regarded as a bunch of Jesus freaks by the rest of the world. And from my vantage point in Mississippi, I have a hard time disagreeing. But then I remembered that none of these now largely secular countries became that way overnight.

I've never been known for my patience, but I find it helpful to remember that secularization is a long journey, one with many obstacles and setbacks along the way. But it is happening elsewhere. This is not an excuse for complacency so much as it is a reminder that we can do our part to help it happen in the U.S. too.


*Shouldn't that be "Rationalists' Blog?"