July 1, 2010

The Character of the Christian God

I love the experience of encountering an exceptionally bright teenage atheist. It always makes me think about what I was like at their age (a real jackass) and how great it is that they're worlds ahead of where I was. Such individuals will probably be the leaders of the atheist movement in the future, and I confess being in awe of them. They really are our future.

From Raithie, the 16 year-old who writes Teenage Atheist (update: blog no longer active):
If the Bible is indeed a true revelation and hence indicative of his character, then God is nothing but an evil, immoral, immature, sadistic, unjust, egocentric, genocidal, racist and misogynistic prick. He supports the oppression of women and orders them to be submissive. His instructions are that nonbelievers, witches, fortune tellers, homosexuals, liars, people who commit adultery, girls who aren't virgins before marriage etc., should all be murdered and will spend an eternity choking, burning and screaming in unmatchable pain and suffering.

Christians try to get away with this by basing certain aspects of his character and history from the Bible, and then irrationally discard anything contrary to their new, loving God because it doesn't fit well with modern society. However, this doesn't work. You can't cherrypick the parts you like and claim them to be "divine" and true, and then cast off anything contrary as "metaphorical" simply because they don't match up with the modern understanding of morality.
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