June 22, 2010

Which is More Offensive?

jake-knotts.jpgState Senator Jake Knotts (R-SC) wears many hats. He is not only a state senator and strong candidate for Boss Hogg impersonator, but he also appears to be one of those wonderful sorts of morons who takes great pride in his idiocy. My question for you is simple: Which of the following statements from Sen. Knotts do you personally find more offensive and why?

Statement #1

About fellow Republican Nikki Haley, currently running for governor:
We already got one raghead in the White House. We don’t need another in the Governor’s Mansion.
Statement #2

When a reporter asked where the press had failed to hold Haley accountable as he had claimed, Knotts replied,
Have you ever asked her if she believes in Jesus Christ as her lord and savior and that he died on the cross for her sins? Have you ever asked her that?
So which of these statements is more offensive to you and why?

H/T to Unreasonable Faith