June 24, 2010

Secular Coalition Opposes Kagan

newsflash_logo.gifThe Secular Coalition for America came out today in opposition to the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. According to their press release, Kagan "does not appear to embrace the fundamental American principle of church-state separation with the vigor and force of Justice John Paul Stevens."

Questions about Kagan's committment to church-state separation have been present since we first learned of her nomination by President Obama. Based on information about Kagan's record complied by the Coalition, there is cause for concern.

The Secular Coalition for America is calling on Kagan to make her support for separation of church and state much clearer and has provided multiple instances where Kagan's support for this important legal principle was insufficient. The Coalition has also released a set of questions they urge Congress to ask during Kagan's confirmation hearings.
We urge those Senators to honor the true intent of our nation's Founders and their belief in church-state separation, and to question Ms. Kagan carefully on these matters. Given what is currently known, the Secular Coalition for America respectfully asks that the Senate reject her nomination and that President Obama choose a nominee who will clearly stand up for church-state separation and against religious discrimination with the boldness and courage worthy of Justice John Paul Stevens.
Based on the information they provided, this request seems appropriate and necessary for those of us who want to preserve what is left of separation of church and state.