June 25, 2010

One Nation Indivisible

Time for a scary thought. Ready? What if many Americans are too stupid for many forms of atheist activism to affect them? The North Carolina Secular Association erected a great billboard in their state, and yet, it seems that even some in the local media cannot figure out the point.

Doesn't anybody realize that the "under god" crap was not part of the original pledge of allegiance? Are we atheists really going to have to add U.S. history to the growing list of things about which we need to educate the public?

Before I get carried away with a rant, here is how I'm trying to look at the situation: ads like this are still going to reach some people and get them thinking. There will always be morons who miss the point entirely, but they probably aren't who we're speaking to most of the time anyway.

We need ads like this in every community across the U.S.

H/T to Atheist Media Blog

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