June 26, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Gretchen Carlson

1709724154.jpgWouldn't it be great to hand pick three of our nation's top idiots and put them on TV? They could be on the same show, a show where none of them was even mildly qualified to discuss the subject matter. If you've ever seen Fox & Friends, you know that this is no fantasy.

I almost feel sorry for Gretchen Carlson. It cannot be easy to be the smart one on Fox & Friends. Maybe she feels left out sometimes, longing for the liberation that comes from letting one's idiocy hang out. Well, she's earned Idiot of the Week recognition with this gem:
This is what being President of the United States is all about. It’s these tough, huge, monumental decisions. It’s not about how you run a campaign, it’s not about whether or not you’re popular, it’s not about whether you’re a celebrity or good-looking or tall or short. It’s in a time of crisis, making these executive decisions. It’s just like our job…what’s the role of an anchor during huge breaking news? You remember growing up? You’d tune to the television, and that one moment during the year, they would have to carry a story all along, It’s the same thing as being the President of the United States!
President Carlson, you are an idiot!

H/T to the Field Negro