June 12, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Barack Obama (Again)

obama.jpgI could have taken the easy way out this week and simply gone with Pat Robertson for this week's idiot. He was in the news again, sharing the sort of idiocy for which he is known. Maybe I should have done so; it would have been far more pleasant to write that post. But I think I'll go in a different direction this week. I'm again going with President Obama.

What did President Obama do this week to deserve recognition for idiocy? This time, it is more about what he didn't do. As BP has provided more than enough evidence that they are not up to the task of stopping their oil spill and cleaning up the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, Obama seems not just ineffective but continues to refuse to clean house at the throughly corrupt Minerals Management Service (MMS) that allowed this situation to happen.

Yes, the spill and the botched clean-up were primarily BP's fault, and we are correct to demand that they are held accountable financially. But BP is only half the story, and many of us have been guilty of not examining the other half: the corrupt regulatory agency that allowed BP to operate without oversight and Obama own policies on deep water drilling.

President Obama is somewhat limited in what he can legally do to BP. But what is stopping him from firing Interior Secretary Salazar and ordering his replacement to clean house at MMS? Sadly, this appears to be part of a pattern of Obama refusing to hold people accountable, even when crimes have been committed. This is a serious failure of leadership...and idiocy.