June 18, 2010

Christians are Right to Criticize Comedy Central's Double-Standard

comedycentral.jpgIt is not unusual for atheists and Christians to come together on criticizing the oppressive nature of Islam. The violence over cartoons depicting Mohammed is a good example, as many Christians agree with atheists that murdering people for drawing or publishing cartoons is ridiculous. But we would do well to remember that there are plenty of Christians who look on the power of Muslims to restrict criticism of their religion with some degree of envy.

It was not long after Comedy Central announced that there were planning a cartoon featuring Jesus in a modern context that Christian groups begin to object. And you know what? They are making at least one valid point: it does appear that Comedy Central is guilty of a double-standard.

The network has repeatedly caved to pressure from Muslims to avoid depicting Mohammad and tone down the mockery of Islam. At the same time, they have mocked virtually everything mockable about Christianity. The examples from South Park alone and too numerous to list. There does seem to be a double standard, and frankly, I don't blame some Christians for being upset about it.

Not surprisingly, my solution to this problem would be quite different to the one these Christian groups are advocating. They want the Jesus show cancelled and no more mockery of their religious beliefs. I think the problem is that Islam needs to be mocked a hell of a lot more. Comedy Central needs to be an equal opportunity offender.

The problem with this sort of double-standard is that it contains a clear and disturbing message to Christians: if you were as violent as some of the Muslims, you'd get your way too. This is not the kind of message we want to be spreading. The kid gloves need to come off with regard to the treatment of Islam.

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