June 6, 2010

Catholic Priest Makes Money Molesting Children

The story of Oliver O'Grady is disturbing on so many levels. He has admitted to molesting many children, both boys and girls, of various ages, reports sleeping with two mothers in order to gain access to their children, and even spent seven years in prison for a 1993 conviction for the sexual abuse of a child. And yet, he will be paid $788/month for 10 years (totaling $94,560) by an annuity the Catholic church bought for him seven years ago in what has been described as "hush money" to prevent him from testifying against Catholic officials who allegedly knew what he was doing and simply continued to transfer him from one parish to another.

According to church officials, the annuity was necessary to get rid of O'Grady because defrocking a priest is simply too difficult. So when O'Grady, serving time in prison on a child sexual abuse conviction, was up for parole, the church paid him off to leave. The associate director of the office of Child and Youth Protection for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said this practice is "rare, but not unheard of."

H/T to Pharyngula

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