May 22, 2010

Texas Harms American Education

Texas Capitol.JPGIt was Cynthia Dunbar (R-Richmond) who would set the tone of yesterday's debate over curriculum standards before the Texas State Board of Education. In her opening payer, Dunbar made it clear that she and her fellow Christian extremists want Texas students to be misinformed about American history. Unfortunately, this tone would cary through the debate and into the vote itself.

The Texas State Board of Education voted yesterday to adopt new social studies standards based on Christian myth and revisionist history. In fact, they've decided to exclude Thomas Jefferson altogether! It was a sad day for Texas, and because curriculum standards adopted in Texas exert a disproportionate influence on textbooks adopted for use in the rest of the U.S., it was also a sad day for America.

The Texas Freedom Network is now aiming for "nothing less than fundamental change at the State Board of Education," and they could use our support.

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