May 27, 2010

Obama Administration Supports Vatican Immunity

I have made no secret of my contempt for President Obama's refusal to hold Bush administration officials accountable for war crimes. Dick Cheney is a war criminal who belongs in prison, and President Obama has made a serious mistake by refusing to seek justice in our names. Though this decision, he has undercut any claim to moral authority he might otherwise have. No matter what good he may accomplish - and I do not deny that he may still accomplish some good - Dick Cheney will remain an albatross around his neck.

It was in this context that I stumbled across some disturbing news from Raw Story. Evidently, the Obama administration wrote a brief to the Supreme Court in support of the Vatican's claim that they are immune to lawsuits brought in cases where Catholic clergy raped children. Not only has our president refused to investigate the illegal torture of suspected terrorists, he now agrees that the Vatican should be spared the trouble of being sued for enabling child rape!

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