May 7, 2010

MarsEdit Has Won Me Over

MarsEditIcon128.jpgI first tried MarsEdit back in November of 2009, and it is fair to say that my initial impressions were mixed. There were features I wanted that I was surprised it did not have, and I complained that the interface was not as slick as that of Ecto. Still, I ended up buying it after my 30-day trial expired. Flaws aside, it worked reliably. I figured that I would eventually find something I liked better to replace it, but that has not happened yet. I am still using MarsEdit to write the majority of my posts, and I have to admit that it has largely won me over.

Like any good software, MarsEdit simply works. It has never crashed on me, never done anything unexpected, never given me any problems whatsoever. While there are things I wish it could do better (e.g., image handling), I have become so accustomed to using it that these have become minor issues that I barely notice today. The more I have used MarsEdit, the more transparent it has become - almost to the point that I don't notice I'm using it at all.

I think I finally get what the proponents of MarsEdit have been saying all along. Sure, it can't do everything under the sun, but what it does do, it does flawlessly. Something better may eventually come along, but it is going to have to be really impressive to bump MarsEdit from my blogging workflow.

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