May 4, 2010

Is Amazon's Kindle Worthwhile for an Atheist Reader?

I have never had much interest in buying a Kindle or similar ebook reader, at least not until recently. What changed? As absurd as this sounds, I am running out of space to store books. I've already given away more of those that I don't expect to read again, but things are still getting a bit more cluttered than I'd like. The thought of being able to buy books without losing space is quite appealing.

Of course, Apple's iPad can also serve as an ebook reader and even has a Kindle app as well as Apple's own iBook app. And yes, it is not that much more expensive considering that it does so much more. The idea of having color for magazines and newspapers is also appealing, but I could certainly live without that. The problem is that the Kindle's screen sounds far superior when it comes to reading in sunlight and minimizing eye strain.

What makes me a bit wary about either option, frankly, is what I found when I perused the selection of books with Kindle versions available at There really doesn't seem to be much of a selection on the subject of atheism, one of the topics about which I most enjoy reading (imagine that!). This might be a problem, although there are easily at least 30 books in this section I'd like to read. I suspect that some of you own Kindles. How do you like them, and how adequate have you found the selection of non-fiction focusing on atheism, church-state issues, and the like?

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