May 30, 2010

Drawing Mohammed and Denying the Holocaust

sensationalism.jpgDon't you just love it when the news media runs one of those sensationalistic headlines containing an obviously false statement with a question mark at the end to absolve themselves of responsibility? Here's an example from CNN's new blog on religious belief: "Does Draw Mohammed Day = Holocaust denial?" Um, no. But with the question mark, CNN gets to claim that they were only reporting what someone else thinks and not passing any sort of judgment on it.

From what I have seen, the undisputed king of this sort of "journalism" would have to be Fox "News," but they are hardly alone. In fact, I suspect it is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone not using this tactic these days.

Maybe this is a bandwagon that we atheist bloggers should jump on. I could write a post with a title like "Should Real Americans Kill Atheists?" in which I quote one of the assorted emails I receive from Christians. Maybe it would even get lots of traffic. But then, haven't I already been doing this, or at least something similar?

Guilty as charged. I suppose my only defense is that I make no pretense of providing news or being objective in any way in what I do here.

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