May 19, 2010

Check Out Free Thinking Lebanon

Secular Lebanon Logo.jpgIn the increasingly crowded field of atheist blogs, it is quite challenging to create a new one that will capture the attention of the atheist community. I'd like to tell you about one that may have a chance to do just that: Free Thinking Lebanon.

Armed with a perfect tagline if there ever was one, "A voice of reason from a country crippled by faith," Free Thinking Lebanon is a brand new blog offering a fascinating perspective. As you can guess from the title and tagline, this is a blog that focuses on promoting a reality-based worldview in Lebanon and beyond. I don't know about you, but I certainly look forward to learning more about atheism in this part of the world.

The author, Eli, is an ex-Catholic graduate student in Financial Economics studying in Beirut. Since this is his first blogging venture, he'd be very appreciative of any input about how to improve his new blog. I hope he succeeds and welcome his contribution to the atheist blogosphere.

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