May 23, 2010

Blogroll 2.0

I've decided I don't want to use Blogrolling any longer to maintain my blogroll. At least for now, this means a fully manual blogroll. After completing a long overdue pruning to eliminate links to inactive blogs and those that were not linking back to me, I came up with the list below. If you are looking for good blogs to read written by atheists and addressing topics related to atheism, be sure to check these out:

About Agnosticism/Atheism
An Apostate's Chapel
Atheist Oasis
Bay of Fundie
Cubik's Rube
Dangerous Talk
Daylight Atheism
Debunking Christianity
Deep Thoughts
The Dyslectic Atheist
End Hereditary Religion
Exercise in Futility
The Francis Blog
Friendly Atheist
Godless Girl
Laughing in Purgatory
Letters from a broad...
Library Grape
The Lucky Atheist
Mississippi Atheists
Musings of a Madman
No Forbidden Questions
Reason Being
Red State Progressive
The Religion Virus
Spanish Inquisitor
Stupid Evil Bastard
Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism