May 23, 2010

Answering Reader Mail: The Mojave Cross

mojave-desert-cross.jpgA Christian reader recently emailed me to see what I thought about the theft of the Mojave cross. I hadn't posted about this yet and was happy to have an excuse to do so. The cross in question involves the Mojave Desert War Memorial, opposed by the ACLU, then saved by the U.S. Supreme Court, stolen, and then replaced with a replica.

In answer to the primary question this reader asked, I do not support the theft of the cross. While I believe that the Court erred in their decision to allow it to remain on public land, I do not condone theft or vandalism as an appropriate way to deal with such matters. Destroying material with which one disagrees has long been the hallmark of Christian extremists, and I'd like no part in it.

What surprises me most about this case was that Christians weren't outraged by the Court's ruling that the cross is not a religious symbol. That seems like a serious slap in the face. Don't they still display these symbols in their churches? From the lack of reaction by prominent Christians, I would have to conclude that they would rather have their symbol than any of the supposed meaning behind it.