April 29, 2010

Special Idiot Alert: Bill Donohue


Never before in the history of the Idiot of the Week awards have I missed something so egregious that a special announcement during the week is required. This, dear readers, is truly a first. I just wish this one was a bit more fun and far less stomach-turning.

It seems that the Catholic League's Bill Donohue has decided to weigh into the growing Catholic child rape scandal yet again. After blaming the Catholic abuse scandal on homosexuality and arguing that we shouldn't call it pedophillia because some of the victims were 12 or 13, you probably didn't think Donohue could possibly top himself. You'd be wrong. He is now insisting that not all child rape is abusive because some victims have a difficult time separating from their abusers.

Think Progress does a good job of explaining what makes this claim so absurd. I have to assume that Donohue would blame women and children who found themselves trapped in a domestically abusive relationship too. I wonder if he'd blame all crime victims. Surely they must have done something wrong if his god wasn't protecting them, right?

I can think of few things more despicable than this sort of victim blaming. The evidence is clear that the Catholic church has been enabling continued child rape by members of their clergy. The lengths to which Bill Donohue will go to defend a fairytale and an institution built on exploiting others through this fairytale speaks volumes about the evil of which men are capable.