March 31, 2010

Wasting Your Time

As my regular readers know, this blog generally focuses on atheism and related topics likely to be of interest to atheists. I also write an ongoing series of blogging tips in an effort to give something back to the atheist blogosphere. But as I have explained many times, I make no attempt to restrict myself to these topics alone. For example, I post about political issues from time to time (although I am doing less of that now that I've got Red State Progressive going). All in all, I make an effort to keep at least 80% of my posts focused on atheism and allow the other 20% to delve into other areas (the 80/20 rule referenced here).

I bring this up because I received an email recently from someone who accused me of wasting his time with my off-topic posts. I receive lots of unpleasant email, but this one surprised me. It never would have occurred to me to contact a blogger whose work I read for free at my leisure and tell them that they have been wasting my time.

Some of my favorite posts by my favorite bloggers have been off topic. If anything, I'd like to see more from them. And some of my own off topic posts have brought in more new visitors than much of my usual subject matter.

I have been and will continue to be up-front about what I do here. Those who find it a waste of their time are free to go elsewhere. Maybe some will even be inspired by my refusal to stick to one topic and create their own blogs as a result.

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