March 6, 2010

Idiot of the Week: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily.jpgWhen idiocy is so pervasive and consistent, it may be difficult to spot even some of the most egregious examples. Case in point, "birther" website WorldNetDaily has somehow managed to go under the radar, never previously being honored in this series. That changes today with the selection of WorldNetDaily as Idiot of the Week.

What did they do this week to get my attention? It seems that they are now attempting to promote the idea that President Obama plans to steal the next election, dressed up as one of their "exclusive" stories. While this is nothing new for the website often referred to in the reality-based community as Worldnutdaily, I can't help feeling particularly concerned about the potential for this sort of idiocy to fuel violence.

Not only is WorldNetDaily willing to distort the numbers to support their claim that Obama's approval ratings "continue to plummet," but they seem to be targeting the most paranoid and volatile segments of their audience with this particular type of misinformation. Moreover, if they want to be taken seriously on the subjects of voter fraud and election theft, they need look no further than the Republican Party.

Note. I have received some criticism from readers about some recent Idiot of the Week selections who have appeared to misunderstand the point of this series. It was never my intent to use the term "idiot" solely to refer to blatant stupidity. So yes, I agree with much of the criticism that a few of my selections have been engaging in political strategy. In addition to stupidity, I also consider things like hypocrisy, willingness to ignore reality, and the like. Think of it this way, the winners have done or said things that would make most of our heads hurt when we first hear about it.

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