March 21, 2010

Atheist Heroes: Todd Stiefel

An article by The (Raleigh) News & Observer reports on North Carolina philanthropist, Todd Stiefel and his generous contributions to secular and atheist causes. The article describes Stiefel's gifts to the Secular Coalition of America, American Atheists, and the Secular Student Alliance.

Todd Stiefel recently donated $20,000 to the ACLU of Mississippi in order to help them sponsor a prom for the high school in Itawamba County after they decided that it was better to cancel the prom than risk exposing students to "teh gay."

According to the article,
Stiefel wants to create a culture in the United States in which secularists — be they atheists, agnostics or humanists — are respected.
It is great to see someone with Stiefel's means helping to achieve such a worthy goal. More on Stiefel and his generous support of the reality-based community can be found at

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