February 6, 2010

Why I'm Skipping the Super Bowl

Tebow Crying.JPGI had been planning to watch the Super Bowl. I don't particularly care who wins, and I don't really care for either of the teams playing. Still, I was planning to watch it. But now that I've learned that CBS, the network broadcasting the Super Bowl, has been working closely with Focus on the Family to produce a commercial opposing reproductive rights for women, I think I'll skip the game.

Focus on the Family is the Christian extremist organization formerly ran by James Dobson. I suspect you are already familiar with them and the evangelical fundamentalism for which they stand. Now they want to use Tim Tebow to spread their anti-choice message.

To be clear, I recognize the right of Focus on the Family to purchase ads like anyone else and the right of CBS to air them. What troubles me is that CBS is violating their own policy of rejecting advocacy ads during the Super Bowl in order to accommodate Focus on the Family. They've never allowed advocacy ads, and this will be their first. And yet, they've rejected ads from the other side of the political spectrum as violating this policy.

Some have speculated that CBS is doing this to generate buzz in the hopes of boosting ratings. I might believe this if we weren't talking about the Super Bowl. Something tells me that their ratings will be fine no matter what ads they air. But they'll have to do without this viewer.

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