February 4, 2010

Sen. Joseph McCarthy: American Hero?

McCarthy.jpgThe excellent progressive political blog, Progressive Nation, has been following the battle over U.S. history textbooks in the state of Texas, and recently posted some disturbing news. Evidently, the State Board of Education is dominated by conservatives who are pushing educational standards designed to teach Texas high school students positive things about far-right groups such as Falwell's Moral Majority. Worst of all, some are concerned that the board may push the crazy notion that history has shown Sen. McCarthy to be correct in his Communist hunting and worthy of admiration.
“The social conservative bloc is pressing for the standards to turn Joseph McCarthy into an American hero,” says Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network, a group that aims to “counter the religious right.”
The post traces right-wing efforts to rewrite history about McCarthy back to 1954. In reading this, I can't help consider that efforts to do this for Bush are already underway.

Anyone with an interest in reality-based education should be concerned about this sort of thing. After all, textbook standards set in Texas determine contents across the U.S.

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