Idiot of the Week: Bishop Council Nedd II

nedd.jpgWhen I suggested that the Christian extremist infused far right was going to go nuts over the recent announcement that aides of President Obama were meeting with the Secular Coalition for America, I had no idea just how nuts they were going to go! The Raw Story is reporting that some conservatives have decided to label us as "hate groups" so they can go after President Obama and his administration for sponsoring hate.

Not surprisingly, this type of idiocy has a spokesman from a Christian extremist group devoted to promoting faith in America (as if that needed any help). Here is what Bishop Council Nedd II, chairman of In God We Trust had to say about the Secular Coalition meeting:
It is one thing for Administration to meet with groups of varying viewpoints, but it is quite another for a senior official to sit down with activists representing some of the most hate-filled, anti-religious groups in the nation.
Evidently, we are full of hate because we prefer reality over superstition. In a press release issued by his group, Nedd elaborates on his idiocy:
President Obama seems to believe that it is a good idea to have a key senior aide plan political strategy with people who believe faith in God is a disease...Some of the people in this coalition believe the world would be better off with no Christians and no Jews and they aren’t shy about it. The fact that this meeting is happening at all is an affront to the vast majority of people of all faiths who believe in God.
There is a world of difference between believing that Christianity is a mind virus (check) or that the world would be better off without it (check) and wanting to get rid of Christians or Jews. I've never met an atheist who favored exterminating Christians and Jews, as Nedd suggests here. But many of us do think that it is time for this particular mind virus to fade into obscurity.

It sounds to me like our good Bishop has forgotten that he's living in a secular democracy.

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