January 9, 2010

Living With MarsEdit

MarsEditIcon128.jpgMy search for a Mac-compatible blogging client has come to at least a temporary end. I bought MarsEdit after a brief trial. My impressions have not changed greatly since I posted about my initial experience. There are many things MarsEdit does not do as well as Ecto, and if Ecto had worked without destroying Blogger's paragraph spacing, I probably would have selected it. But MarsEdit works perfectly well with Blogger, and that was what I needed.

I do not have many complaints with MarsEdit, but there are two big limitations that leave me doubtful that it will be a long-term solution. First, MarsEdit's handling of bulleted and numbered lists is unacceptably bad. It actually requires that such lists be entered in raw HTML! Unless they come up with a solution for this, I cannot imagine sticking with MarsEdit for long. It is simply too serious a limitation.

The second limitation is one I find a bit less important, and that is how MarsEdit handles images. Adding images to posts is actually rather simple. The problem involves manipulating them once they are in. To resize or do much of anything else, one will need to manipulate the HTML. This ends up making image manipulation purely a trial-and-error endeavor. This slows things down quite a bit.

Limitations aside, I'm content to stick with MarsEdit as my primary blogging client for now.