January 16, 2010

Idiot of the Week: Pat Robertson (Again)

I searched for an alternative to Robertson for this week's idiot. I really did. Robertson already won the coveted award once before, and I've already mentioned him this week. Hell, I even have another post about him finished ready to go in the next few days!

I simply couldn't find anyone that could rival the idiocy of suggesting that the Haitian people are suffering at the hands of his god for their "pact" with his "devil." If he had to make such a statement, couldn't he have at least waited until the situation was stable and people weren't still dying in collapsed buildings? Of course not. And that is what makes Pat Robertson our Idiot of the Week...again.

Universal Heretic has made a compelling case that Robertson deserves some sort of lifetime achievement award in the domain of religiously-fueled idiocy. I'd certainly expect that he could hold his own in such a competition.

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