January 29, 2010

Christian Comes Close to Sounding Reasonable on Haiti

Writing for Sojouner's, one of the most popular Christian left blogs, C├ęsar Baldelomar came very close to sounding reasonable in his article contrasting two Christian responses to the disaster in Haiti. Not surprisingly, Pat Robertson was used as the bad example. Catholic Archbishop Favalora (Miami) was the good example. I'll even forgive Baldelomar for committing the "not a real Christian" error with Robertson because he had something far more important to say.

Referring to Archbishop Favalora, Baldelomar wrote:
Instead of blaming the Haitian people for the earthquake, or ridiculously and irrationally asserting that their ancestors made a pact with an imaginary ghoul, the archbishop expressed his concern and pledged to the Haitian community his solidarity and that of his archdiocese.
Wow! What a refreshing and reality-based take on Robertson's idiocy! Kudos to Mr. Baldelomar for expressing this so effectively. Now brace yourself because I am about to quote the sentence which followed Baldelomar's gem above.
This is Christianity at its best!
No! Christianity simply substitutes one "imaginary ghoul" for another. How is that any better? Baldelomar was right to mock Robertson's reference to the devil, but his own god is equally imaginary. Baldelomar was so close, but he never recovers.

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