January 26, 2010

Action Alert: Rep. Grayson's "Save Our Democracy" Platform

supremebuilding.jpgAs those of you in the U.S. have undoubtedly heard by now, our Supreme Court just overturned over 100 years of statute and precedent by ruling that corporations can spend all the money that they want to influence elections. At a time when many of us are becoming increasingly convinced that getting big money out of politics is the only way to bring about meaningful change, this is terrible news.

Imagine what increased corporate ownership of our politicians will do to minority positions, such as atheism. It is unlikely that corporations will be interested in funneling money to anyone holding unpopular views for fear that it would reflect badly on them (assuming we knew they were behind the funding). And unlimited corporate investment may well make it impossible for all but the extremely wealthy and well-connected to compete in the political arena.

I just signed Rep. Alan Grayson's petition to support his "Save Our Democracy" platform, and I hope you'll consider joining me. The idea of having a government that is essentially owned by multinational corporations who do not necessarily have our best interests in mind is repulsive and anti-democratic.

I agree that signing an online petition doesn't seem like it will accomplish much. Consider it the first step. At the very least, it will make it easier for us to be mobilized on later actions.

The petition can be found at http://www.savedemocracy.net/

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