December 9, 2009

Mike Huckabee is a Dangerous Christian Extremist

chuckabee.jpgMike Huckabee is quickly becoming one of my least favorite public figures. I personally think that a Huckabee presidency would be worse for the U.S. than just about anyone else, including Palin. The man is an unapologetic Christian extremist and yet countless people are willing to look the other way simply because he has a certain gentle charm. This makes him plenty dangerous.

It is widely known that Huckabee detests the fact that the U.S. was founded as a secular democracy. He has convinced himself that all law must be based on his preferred version of the Ten Commandments, and he has indicated that he wants to change the U.S. Constitution to take one giant step closer to Christian theocracy. This provides strong evidence that Huckabee has little interest in separating his personal religious beliefs from the manner in which he would govern.

Now we have what may be another piece of the Huckabee puzzle in his pardoning of the Washington State cop killer. Valerie Tarico has written a must-read post for in which she probes the possible role of Huckabee's extremist Christianity in the slaying of four police officers in Washington State.

Here is an excerpt, but I really do encourage you to read the whole article:
When it comes to their own religion, moderate people of faith often defer publicly to even the wildest fellow believers. Most mainline Christians maintain downcast eyes while fundamentalists rant about demons and witchcraft and spiritual warfare. Mainstream Muslims are painfully quiet about terrorism in the name of God. The Rick Warrens and Joel Olsteens of the world go mute when the book of Psalms is used to invoke God as a celestial hit man against Mikey Weinstein (Military Religious Freedom Foundation) or Barack Obama. Christian Science lobbyists make straight-faced attempts to get “prayer treatments” paid for by any national health plan, and somehow lawmakers maintain straight faces.
Tarico is not claiming that these murders were caused by Huckabee's disturbing worldview, but she is certainly asking the right questions about the core tenets of fundamentalist evangelical Christianity. It seems highly likely that Huckabee's pardon was linked to this worldview and the skill with which the murderer was able to manipulate it.

As Bob Hayes recently pointed out (update: link no longer active), this news has not appeared to do much to damage Huckabee's political future. Maybe it is about time that changes. Huckabee is a Christian extremist who has no place in politics.