December 15, 2009

Do Twitter Auto-Follow Bots Have Any Productive Use?

TĂȘte de robot / Robot head.
TĂȘte de robot / Robot head. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you use Twitter at all, you have encountered auto-follow bots. You tweet something with a particular keyword that suddenly causes you to be followed by assorted businesses. Perhaps some individuals use these bots, but the ones I have noticed all appear to be businesses. I find myself wondering if there is any way for the average user to benefit from this sort of technology. Has anyone found such an application for this sort of thing?

I suppose if I had a business, it might make sense to track what people were saying about it. Is this something that bloggers should be doing too? I wouldn't know how to automatically follow anyone who tweeted "atheist revolution," and I'm honestly not sure if it would be worthwhile to look into how to do so. Is this something other atheist bloggers are doing with Twitter?