November 11, 2009

One Good Reason to Oppose H.R. 3962

health care.jpgI don't know about you, but I tend to admire those who stand on principle, doing what is right rather than simply what it popular. Many atheists I have known over the years fit this category. By rejecting faith for reality, they have taken what can be a lonely path but one which has the advantage of being most congruent with reality.

Politicians, it seems, rarely have such a luxury. Their primary aim is often merely to gain re-election. As such, they rarely take principled but unpopular stands. I tend to admire those who do, but I understand that many people will not share this sentiment.

The recent House vote on their version of the health care bill, H.R. 3962, was very close. It passed by only five votes, and I could not help noticing that many Democrats voted against the bill. I admit that my initial reaction on seeing this was one of outrage but I now see that I was most likely wrong.

This bill that does not go nearly far enough. Frankly, anything short of a true single-payer system does not go far enough. Sadly, this was taken off the table at the outset in what I can only call a misguided preemptive compromise. Rather than starting from a position of strength, the Obama administration gave up on progressive health care reform before even beginning the process. They appear to have resigned themselves to the concept that passing reform-in-name-only is better than nothing and redefining this as their goal.

As much as I want to see health care reform, I want to see real reform. Thus, I think Dennis Kucinich was probably correct to vote against the House bill.

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