October 17, 2009

Time to End Government-Funded Religious Discrimination

President Obama's record of keeping his campaign promises has been less than stellar so far. One of the promises we aren't yet hearing much about involves ending government funding for social service organizations that engage in religious discrimination. Fortunately, Americans United for Separation of Church and State is reminding us. From a recent AU action alert:
Today, every dollar that is funneled to social services via the federal government is subject to the exact same set of rules and regulations put in place by the Bush Administration. That means that an otherwise qualified individual can STILL be turned away from working for a government-funded program based on his or her religion - and the President has done nothing about it yet.
I understand that this may be fairly low on Obama's list of priorities but it also seems like one that would be fairly easy to fix. According to AU, the Obama administration has not even bothered to address a 2007 DOJ memo authorizing discrimination by religious groups even when such discrimination is prohibited by prior law.

It is time to remind President Obama of his promises and to signal that we expect him to follow through. Government-funded discrimination cannot be tolerated. Tell President Obama that you oppose government-funded religious discrimination.

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