October 31, 2009

Idiot of the Week: Pastor Jimmy Dillon

HalloweenImage by Miala via Flickr

Time for a Halloween edition of the Idiot of the Week series, and what better way to do one but to honor some of the religiously-based anti-Halloween idiocy which rears its head each and every year. In my neck of the woods, this generally comes from the Baptists, so I'd like to honor Trinity Baptist Church (Wichita Falls, TX) Pastor Dillon.

According to this article from their local paper, Pastor Dillon has fond memories of celebrating Halloween as a child but has decided that he should now deprive other Christians of the opportunity to enjoy the holiday.
Dillon preached a sermon Sunday on his convictions that Christians should not participate — or allow their children to participate — in anything remotely connected to Halloween.
It appears that he's convinced himself that it is evil because of...well...he learned something about its history. As seems to be commonplace for Christians who have such a change of heart, Pastor Dillon went overboard with his opposition to Halloween.
Dillon soon became so firmly opposed to the holiday that he not only refused to celebrate it, but also decided never to engage in any of the typical “alternatives,” such as fall festivals.
One has to enjoy the pastor's "reasoning" with regard to Halloween. Because he does not like what the ancient Druids believed about the day, he has determined that no self-respecting Christian should have anything to do with the holiday. That would be a bit like reading the Old Testament, seeing how cruel and bloodthirsty this so-called god was and then rejecting all of Christianity on that basis. Hmmmm...maybe Pastor Dillon has a point after all.

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