October 3, 2009

Idiot of the Week: Elliott Abrams

Time for another idiot of the week selection. A new "winner" is announced here each Saturday for the purpose of highlighting an example of extreme idiocy. With birthers, deathers, Glenn Beck, and Michele Bachmann on the prowl, it gets harder and harder to select just one a week.

Since I was accused of picking too obvious a choice last week (and rightly so), I tried to dig a bit deeper into the more obscure choices for this week. This week's nod goes to Elliott Abrams, Bush's Deputy National Security Adviser and Iran-Contra criminal, who appeared on Fox "News" this week to push for a U.S. attack on Iran. That is not enough by itself to make him idiot of the week. For that, you need to consider the following statement from Abrams:
My own view is that most Iranians now — after June, after the stealing of the election — would not rally around the flag. People used to say that — that if there’s an attack on Iran, you know the population is going to get patriotic. But that’s what Americans would do. I don’t know that it’s what Iranians are going to do, considering the way that regime is hated in Iran.
Right, so the Iranian people would welcome us as liberators. Hmmm...why do I feel like I've heard that before? Is Abrams unaware that we are already mired in two wars that aren't going especially well, that our economy is in shambles, or that we'd rather sit idly by calling our president a socialist while our fellow citizens die from lack of affordable health care?

This whole neo-con worldview, which Abrams embodies, has thoroughly failed. We'd be the idiots if we looked there for wisdom.

H/T to Think Progress

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