September 7, 2009

"Real Americans" vs. Academics

Johnny CashImage via Wikipedia

According to Ed Brayton (Dispatches From the Culture Wars), the letters from readers at WorldNutDaily reveal "a constant struggle for dominance between stupidity and insanity." He provides a few good examples of what he's talking about, and I have to agree with his selection of his favorite:
You know, the lawyers and academics that just happen to be running our country ought to think about whom they are messing with. Football fans, NASCAR types, deer hunters, rednecks, honkey tonk bar associations (thanks Garth Brooks) and just common Constitution-loving Americans outnumber them about 150,000 to one. In my opinion, it would be a wise thing for them to get "religion" quickly, or just resign, before these people get really ticked!
Maybe I especially like this one because I am an academic. It does not matter that I am also a football fan, that I grew up in and continue to prefer to live in small towns, or that I love the Constitution too (especially the Establishment Clause). Nor does it matter that you'll never catch me at a play, an art gallery, or a fancy restaurant but might find me wandering in the woods from time to time. It makes no difference that I own a gun or that I think Johnny Cash had one of the greatest voices in all of music. I am still an academic, and so I am going to be despised by these people no matter what else we might have in common.

I often wonder why I represent such a threat to these self-proclaimed "real Americans." I don't run much of anything, much less the country. Happy Labor Day, "real Americans."

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