September 19, 2009

Idiot of the Week: Carrie Prejean (Again)

Carrie Prejean - Miss California 2009Image by via Flickr

This is one of those Saturdays where I still haven't woken up properly and remain in a bit of a haze from what turned out to be a long and difficult work week spent battling a cold and losing. And yet, Saturday means that it is time for another Idiot of the Week installment.

Carrie Prejean has already won this prestigious award once before, so you're probably wondering what she could have done to win it again, especially now that she's largely irrelevant. Well, Ms. Prejean is still talking about her loss in the Miss USA Pageant and has become the celeb du jour of the Values Voter crowd. During yesterday's Values Voter Summit, Ms. Prejean said that she was called by her god during the pageant and that "even though I didn't win the crown that night, I know that the Lord has so much of a bigger crown in Heaven for me."

You just keep telling yourself that, Carrie. It couldn't possibly have been your terrible judgment in expressing anti-gay bigotry during the Q&A portion of the "contest." It had to be part of some divine master plan. Sure.

If you are a sucker for punishment, you can watch her Values Voter speech at RightWingWatch. Man, does she have some crazy eyes in the videos!

H/T to Pam's House Blend