September 28, 2009

How Prayer Works

While searching for some information online about some of the methodologically sound studies of intercessory prayer, I stumbled across a Christian blog. This particular blog, Tidbits and Treasures, contained an absolute gem of an explanation for why prayer "works" even though none of the reputable research supports its efficacy. The author referred to one of the studies showing that prayer does not work and then claimed,
It would be impossible to measure PRAYER, or how it works, in a survey. I believe, if a person is a believer, and requests prayer, prays for themselves, or accepts the prayers of others, then prayer works!
The author appears to have no understanding whatsoever of what the study was measuring. Nobody was attempting to measure "PRAYER" in a survey; the key measure used involved health outcomes. But the second sentence is my favorite. Prayer works because this author says it does - all evidence to the contrary be damned. This is Christian "logic" in all its glory.

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