September 2, 2009

Great Americans or Terrorist Sympathizers?

{{w|Wally Herger}}, U.S. Congressman.Image via Wikipedia

When one of the roughly 2,000 people reported to be in attendance at one of Rep. Wally Herger's (R-CA) town hall meetings stood up and described himself as "a proud right-wing terrorist," the media took note. Their focus was on Rep. Herger's troubling response:
Amen, God bless you! There is a great American.
The story deserved coverage and received it. One small problem. As wildly inappropriate as Rep. Herger's handling of the situation was, I am even more disturbed by the loud cheering from the other audience members.

As the anniversary of Sept. 11 nears, we have a room full of Americans, many of whom probably see themselves as patriotic, cheering in response to a declaration of terrorism. Have the lessons of 9-11 already been forgotten?

Of course Rep. Herger should have handled the situation differently! But that is only part of the story. The rest of the story concerns those in attendance who cheered at such a statement. What is wrong with these people? What should the rest of us be doing to reach them and those who share their twisted worldview?

H/T to Think Progress

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